Tayana Mobility Technologies, formerly known as Tayana Software Solutions, founded in the year 1999 is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Tayana offers a wide range of products and solutions to communication service providers and enterprises. We enable the digital transformation journey for communication service providers (CSPs) to become true digital service providers (DSPs) with a mix of products from Digital BSS portfolio, Enterprise wide Telco Data BI/Analytics , VAS products, Messaging products, Network solution and customization services.

As a result of our more than two decades relationship with geographically diverse CSPs, we have deep domain understanding of the CSP environment and business enabling us to provide products, solutions, consulting services and managed services. Our competitive pricing has enabled us to serve the needs of customers with ARPUs ranging from 1 USD to 35 USD and customer base ranging from 10k to 30 million.

Digital Leaders with Tayana

We take pride in establishing a long-term caring relationship with all our clients- A bond that gets only stronger as the years pass, thanks to our flexible approach to the rapidly changing needs of our clients, and ability to deliver a customized solution with a high-value proposition to our clients that suites their current scale of operation perfectly.

This rock-solid performance has created a working partnership with all our clients with mutual respect. As a result, all of our clients and Products and Solutions are 100% referenceable! without exception.

Why Tayana?

Tayana Mobility Technologies provides a wide range of 3GPP-compliant products and solutions for the Mobile and Fixed Broadband domain. These products cover a broad spectrum of 2G to 5G Core requirements. We have evolved our product line with the change in technology and market requirements thereby supporting customers during the transition phase.

Our portfolio primarily focuses on Digital BSS, Data analytics for Service providers and enterprises, Messaging and Value-added services and Network solutions. Our products can integrate and interoperate with core network products from leading equipment vendors like Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei. Our solutions are highly customizable to integrate with standard or proprietary interfaces or to have custom features to cater to customers in different geographies.

No wonder, then, that 100% of our Clients, Products and Solutions are referenceable without exception!

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