Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Different network solutions like diameter routers,SS7 filters, mediation platforms, common provisioning platforms, relay nodes, API platforms enable operators to better manage their network.

Our solutions with vendor specific resource adapters, customizable plugins for vendor products facilitate seamless integration in a multi-vendor scenario. Our customized solutions provided in a cost-effective manner have been deployed in most of our customer premises. These solutions enable operators to flexibly add new vendors to their existing ecosystem.

Changes with respect to provisioning and mediation can be done in our mediation platform without investing in major upgrades on other vendor products deployed in the network

Preferred Roaming Solutions

Reduce your outbound roaming costs by steering roamers to your partner networks.

Based on subscriber and network features, analytics inputs, wholesale costs and QoS parameters, it steers subscribers to specific networks.

Mediation Platforms

Converged mediation platform connecting your core network elements and BSS to improve billing requirements, Customer management, self-service, analytics and revenue assurance, fraud detection, etc.

Collects, transforms and distributes the data from your network elements, BSS and IT systems.

A must for CSPs in multi-vendor environments


Intelligently control access to the network, enforce policies, audit usage and information for bill generation.

Provides insights into resource utilization and capacity planning.

Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)

Provides real-time routing capabilities to route messages between different elements in your network

Manage your network complexity with the configurable routing engine in our DRA solution

Reduces the time needed to add new signaling nodes to your network

Compliant with IETF and 3GPP standards

API Platforms

  • Enables CSPs to secure, scale, manage and analyse their data
  • Develop APIs to securely share their services and data with third parties
  • Manage traffic spikes in data
  • Combine services from CSPs with third-party providers thereby opening partnership opportunities
  • Perform API mediation to connect between different vendor platforms
  • Deployable across multi-cloud environments
  • Dashboard for API analytics and billing

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