Digital BSS for the 5G era

Digital BSS Services

Cloud-native, 5G-ready BSS empowers service providers to offer customers a real time digital experience.

Converged Charging & Policy:

Tayana Converged charging solutions provides real-time rating and charging capabilities to effectively monetize new revenue opportunities and provide a better customer experience.

Our converged charging and policy solution enables multi services providers to offer converged services for mobile, fixed line, broadband and digital TV services. Services for enterprises and IoT providers with different commercial models (B2B,B2C and B2B2X) can be enabled on our platform.

Product and Catalog Management Services:

Our product and catalog management services enable CSPs to provide consumers and enterprises with innovative offerings by bundling different digital services. Our user-friendly interface for product creation with pre-defined templates enables the creation of products and launching them at a rapid pace.

Policy Control:

Our integrated traffic detection engine and policy controller enables operators to dynamically model network behavior and deliver services under a variety of conditions automatically applying policies as conditions change. The policies you set can control subscribers and the services allocation to them, quality of service, data usage and user access to services. The policy control platform using enables you to automate your network, optimize your network resources, and deliver superior service to your customers.

Increase Profitability & Customer Experience

Cloud-native, 5G-ready

The cloud native solution provided by Tayana accelerates 5G BSS transformation providing a host of pre-defined packages for monetization of 5g with consumers and enterprises. CSPs can customize the pre-defined packages using the GUI driven no-code configuration options.

Add on Services
  • Omni-Channel Self care
  • Broadband Services
  • Loyalty & Campaign Management

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