Messaging and Value Added Services

Messaging and VAS


Tayana SMSC is a highly scalable Store and Forward Platform for Operators & SMS Aggregators. Beside P2P traffic, system can also be used as Application SMSC handling exponential growth in A2P traffic. It supports a suite of messaging service features to cater to the needs of the operator, subscribers and 3rd party application service providers.

USSD Gateway:

Tayana’s USSD Gateway with Flexible Menu Creation Engine improves subscriber experience by offering faster session-oriented interaction between the subscribers and suite of Value-added services offered by the Mobile Operators.

Enterprise Messaging Gateway:

Tayana also brings to its customers an advanced A2P  messaging platform that is capable of addressing the messaging needs of organizations ranging from SMEs to large Corporations and aggregators in a secured manner. Our Bulk Messaging Platform arms the Operators with flexibility to manage different clients in an effective manner by assigning different privileges and controlling the throughputs.

Tayana has an exhaustive range of messaging solutions to support CSPs and Aggregators. Our messaging solutions are chosen for their scalability, reliability and support for networks from 2g to 5g. Our products include SMSC with built in support for IP-SM-GW, USSD Gateway, Enterprise messaging platform and Global virtual number.

Color Ring Back Tone:

Tayana CRBT lets subscribers play their favorite music to incoming callers. The platform also provides a marketplace to purchase songs, tunes, etc. via a user-friendly interface.

Missed Call Management:

Tayana MCM facilitates service providers to increase call completion rates and also enables subscribers to manage their missed calls with advanced options like missed call alert notification and availability notification.

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