Our products span the entire mobile telecommunication ecosystem.


Provide mission critical high availability products & solutions

Tayana Mobility Technologies (TMT) was established in 1999 and is based Headquartered out of Bangalore, India. Jupiter Capital, an investment management firm based out of Bangalore, is a financial investor in the company.

Tayana is a Telecom Software Products company providing a wide range of products and solutions for Multi Services Communication Service Providers (CSP) globally.

Tayana wide range of Products and solutions which have Continuously evolved, Adapted to the Changing Technology, Market environment and needs as the Network technologies changed from 2G>3G>4G-LTE>IMS>5G in Core. Mission Critical High Availability Strategic Products Implemented around the core CSPs Multi services Networks, like 3GPP-compliant Unified Real Time Policy Control and Charging (UPCC) integrated with TDF for 2.5G/3G/4G/5G networks; VoLTE PCRF, Online Charging System (OCS), Telecom Data & BI Analytics, Campaign Management System, Selfcare Platform, API Engine, Mobile Financial Solutions, Messaging products – USSD GW/SMSC/BMP/OBD, Outbound Roamers Steering for 3G/LTE roaming, Digital eKYC etc.


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